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bears story

Bear Story: Kay Reive

“I admit I don’t have a great story to go with my picture but with it I can only give you the feeling of the moment…It was mother and baby on their own relaxing together at the end of the day. The colour of blue was beautiful and the moment captured the peace and tranquility of Katmai…It makes me feel that the baby is safe and the mother is enjoying her time with it…I also cannot tell you who these 2 were but I’m sure many others will recognize them…” –Kay Reive

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  • mosaic_world

    lovely. some images really don’t need many words…

    • flyawaygirl

      I agree and the sage was wise when he penned a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • flyawaygirl

    Kaye, the photograph is simple and it communicates very well the impression that moved you to first take it and to then write submit it. Well done and well said.

  • Xan Xan