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This Week on Explore (9/8)

Sadly, Beluga Boat season is over! Thank you to everyone who tuned in and we look forward to another successful season next year!   On Bison Cam, we witnessed a coyote howling at the “Corn Moon”! A “Corn Moon” is an early September full moon named for the crop that’s usually harvested this season. Make sure your

Daily Dose Of Love: Coyote Howls At Full Corn Moon!

Have You Ever Heard The Coyote Cry To The Corn Moon? Last night our bison live cam captured what’s being called a “Corn Moon” – an early September full moon named for the crop that’s usually harvested this season. This lone coyote must have thought the moon was as beautiful as we did since it serenaded the

Daily Dose Of Love: Dose Of Ducks!

Feathered Friends Swimming Serenely As the day comes to a close in Grasslands National Park, and the herds of woolly bison have roamed away from their favorite watering hole, these ducks get their chance for a sunset splash. Rick | explore.org

This Summer Vacation, Visit the Prairie Dog Town

On the Bison Cam, the prairie dogs are busy reconnecting in their towns (groups of prairie dogs are called towns) and sprucing up their intricate lodgings. “Burrows have defined nurseries, sleeping quarters, and even toilets. They also feature listening posts near exits, so animals can safely keep tabs on the movements of predators outside,” (NatGeo).

Owls of North America: Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl is a tiny, endangered bird of prey, weighing under a pound and measuring less than a foot tall. Uniquely, “Burrowing Owls nest underground in abandoned burrows dug by mammals or if soil conditions allow they will dig their own burrows… They often line their nest with an assortment of dry materials. Adults

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