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Bison and Prairie Dogs in the Rain

It’s been lovely if not a little wet on the Bison Live Cams, and it will continue to be rainy and chilly in Grasslands National Park this weekend. The bison, with their thick coats, do not seem to mind. The prairie dogs however, build to prepare. 

A Hairy Snapshot from HunterBadon

The bison in Grasslands National Park are in the midst of their peak mating season. A young bull will reach sexual maturity within about six years, a young cow, within two to three years. At one-year-old, a bison calf can weigh as much as 400 lbs. Cool Fact: In Grasslands National Park, there are over 12,000 ancient

Five Best Sunset/Sunrise Snapshots from Live Cams

From Turtle Bay, Hawaii to the grasslands on the Bison Live Cam, we have amazing and serene snapshots from viewers! Thank you thank you!  A little pink, purple and blue hues to ease us into Monday morning. Katmai Sunset on the BearCam, from NoRdsScholr Alaskan Sunrise, from Suefish Beautiful Sunset at Churchill on the Beluga Whales Cam, from riverrock

Red, White & Blue

During a rainstorm in Grasslands National Park, this red bison calve huddles close to mom under a half-blue sky. When the fire works are done and the grill cools down, check out our new live cams including the Bison Calving Cam here! Did You Know? The American Buffalo is just another name for Bison. According to

This Summer Vacation, Visit the Prairie Dog Town

On the Bison Cam, the prairie dogs are busy reconnecting in their towns (groups of prairie dogs are called towns) and sprucing up their intricate lodgings. “Burrows have defined nurseries, sleeping quarters, and even toilets. They also feature listening posts near exits, so animals can safely keep tabs on the movements of predators outside,” (NatGeo).

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