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Memorial rock painted on the last day of Beluga boat season

Goodbye to Belugas, Summer, and Dear Friends

By Hayley Shephard, Beluga Boat Captain The summer season seems to move through so swiftly in the Churchill region, influenced by our 58 degrees of latitude and the Sub-Arctic climes. It would have been much easier to end the Beluga Boat Season had we experienced a typical fall day with strong bitingly cold winds blowing

Polar bear pool party, snapshot by Cloud

A Bounty of Belugas and Bears

By Beluga Boat Captain Hayley Shephard Churchill is certainly the place to be if you are a tourist hoping to see the magnificent Arctic animals of the North. At this time of year here in Churchill, we call the summer Beluga season because of the thousands of Beluga whales who enter the Churchill River to

The Squid Hound

Which animal has the nickname, “squid hound”? A strange type of dog? Nope, the beluga whale.

Take Your Chances Underwater: Caption This Beluga Cam!

Three’s a charm and this is your third chance to enter and win a snapshot/caption contest for explore.org prizes! These amazing snapshots from our Beluga Boat Cam come from explore.org fan Polo7422. Can you put some words in those beluga bubbles?  

A Message from Charlie – Beluga Cams

Every year after the ice breaks up on the Hudson Bay, thousands of beluga whales migrate to the warmer waters of the Churchill River to feed, mate and rear their young. We’re excited to say, on our newest Pearl of the Planet HD live cam, you can watch these curious creatures up close and in the wild.