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CamOp Photo Contest Winners for December

Our Camera Operators provide our community with great live footage every single day! Therefore, they are able to find these beautiful gems and help show us just how beautiful nature can be. Here are the photo contest winners for December! First Place:  CamOp Chris Osprey Boathouse Camera “Sunrise Guest” Runner Up:  CamOp Benn Siku &

Top 5 Kitten Rescue Camera Photos Of The Week

Take a look at these adorable photos captured on the live camera by our viewers!

Arctic Terns: From Hatch to Fledge

Explore.org has put together this Arctic Tern highlight, capturing the growth of the chicks through the season. Enjoy! http://explore.org/#!/videos/p…


The Puffin and Tern cams have returned! After a brief technical hiatus, the streams are now live on explore.org and are doing better than ever. Tune in to check on the puffin burrow and tern nests! http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/puffin-loafing-ledge-cam

June 2nd, 2:44AM

The first chick has hatched! After a long 15 hour process, the chick went from a pip in the shell to completely cracking it in two. It came out looking healthy and tired, like many of us who stayed up to watch this beautiful event occur. The sex of the chick will not be known

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