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sea turtles

Endangered Sea Turtles Land in Florida

On Tuesday, a group of 193 sea turtles landed in Orlando, Florida with some help from volunteers and the Coast Guard. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles, who are considered endangered, were saved from Cape Cod cold by a volunteer crew.


Feral Cats and Kitten Rescue

Although the exact numbers are unknown, there is a a massive population of feral cats living in Los Angeles. These are cats who live on the streets and never learned to socialize with humans. There are a number of them who live at Kitten Rescue. Sometimes, the feral cats will warm up to their caretakers

Top 5 Kitten Rescue Camera Photos Of The Week

Take a look at these adorable photos captured on the live camera by our viewers!

A Year With No Poaching

This story from National Geographic offers good news for the past year; Nepal, home to endangered tigers, rhinos and elephants, reported 365 days with no poaching… And it’s not the first year like this. The story comes on the heels of news last year that the Western Black Rhino is now extinct. Nepal’s success story is one of

The Horse Who Saves Horses

When this racehorse had blown his knees and was staring down death, two people came to his rescue and adopted him. But his knees were really too bad to go on living. Until they discovered his love and painting. His newfound hobby led to over $90,000, new knee surgery and rescuing other retired racehorses. Read the full

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