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Beary’s Ready for Her Close-Up (Video)

If you didn’t catch this magnificent footage of young cub Beary on the Lower River bridge yesterday here’s your chance to see the highlight! The camera is so close and clear we can see the wind softly blowing her fur. Leaving the cutest wet paw prints on the wooden planks, she faces us and leisurely

Arctic Terns: From Hatch to Fledge

Explore.org has put together this Arctic Tern highlight, capturing the growth of the chicks through the season. Enjoy! http://explore.org/#!/videos/p…

June 2nd, 2:44AM

The first chick has hatched! After a long 15 hour process, the chick went from a pip in the shell to completely cracking it in two. It came out looking healthy and tired, like many of us who stayed up to watch this beautiful event occur. The sex of the chick will not be known

They Sure Are Growing Up Quick!

Here is a short highlight which captures how the Long Eared Owl chicks quickly mature in a matter of weeks. http://explore.org/#!/videos/player/owl-they-grow-up-so-fast