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Southern Stingray: Caught on Camera

Stingrays are occasional passers-by on the Cayman Reef Cam. This one gave us a great view!

Manta birostris-Thailand

Activate Your Manta Rays!

This super power could give you the ability to fly through water, grow to 25 feet long (wingtip to wingtip) and leap from the water in a single bound!

Here for the First Time

A new explore.org fan joined us this morning on the Tropical Reef Cam. Martina wrote, “Here for the first time… taking some pics, this is my favorite yet,” just before sharing this great underbelly snapshot of a stingray.  Did You Know? The eyes and spiracles are on top of the head and the mouth, nostrils, and gill slits

Artist Dives With Sharks Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, December 9th, shark sculpture artist Victor Douieb will dive into the Shark Lagoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific for a live demonstration. Douieb dives with sharks to gain an understanding of their anatomy, movement, and habitat. His works originate in clay, are cast in bronze, and finished with a patina or stainless steel. He donates a percentage of

Nature Did It Best: Submarine Design from Stingrays

“Scientists at Harvard University and the University at Buffalo are studying how stingrays move, including the seemingly effortless way the fish’s round and flattened bodies ripple through water,” to create a more streamlined and fuel-efficient design for submarines (Mother Nature Network). See the leopard ray’s perfectly designed swim on our live cam at the Aquarium of the

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