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Manta birostris-Thailand

Activate Your Manta Rays!

This super power could give you the ability to fly through water, grow to 25 feet long (wingtip to wingtip) and leap from the water in a single bound!

Here for the First Time

A new explore.org fan joined us this morning on the Tropical Reef Cam. Martina wrote, “Here for the first time… taking some pics, this is my favorite yet,” just before sharing this great underbelly snapshot of a stingray.  Did You Know? The eyes and spiracles are on top of the head and the mouth, nostrils, and gill slits

Planning That Summer Vacation?

Remember Maine has incredible birding opportunities. Whether you would like to experience the coast as a family, or as an individual, there are Hog Island Camps that could fit your needs. The Midcoast region represents the “Maine” many first-time visitors imagine: lighthouses, quaint villages, sailboats, lobster pounds, and idyllic inns. Fractured by glaciers, pounded by