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Manta birostris-Thailand

"Manta birostris-Thailand" by jon hanson from london, UK - Flickr.

Activate Your Manta Rays!

This super power could give you the ability to fly through water, grow to 25 feet long (wingtip to wingtip) and leap from the water in a single bound!

Manta rays are related to sharks, rays, skates and sting rays. They are a highlight for divers and ecotourism for their giant size and sleek ability to seemingly fly through water.

Mantas evolved from bottom-dwelling stingrays, eventually developing more wing-like pectoral fins… Mantas are found in tropical and subtropical waters in all the world’s major oceans and also venture into temperate seas.

Mantas sometimes breach, leaping partially or entirely out of the water. Individuals in a group may make aerial jumps one after the other. These leaps come in three forms: forward leaps where the fish lands head first, similar jumps with a tail first re-entry or somersaults. The reason for breaching is not known; possible explanations include mating rituals, birthing, communication, or the removal of parasites and commensalremoras (suckerfish).”  (Wiki.)

Strange Facts: Although useless and nonfunctioning, a manta has approximately 300 rows of skin-covered teeth in its lower jaw. (More here.)

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