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Window into the World of Wild Belugas

“The western Hudson Bay beluga population numbers an estimated 57,300 and makes up approximately 35 percent of the world’s total, currently estimated at more than 160,000 based on population studies conducted since 2000.” In this piece, Matt Villano tries to answer the mystery of why beluga whales choose the Churchill River Estuary:

The Macgyver-Like Ways the Beluga Cam Boat Delivers Images to You

Matt Villano from whalehead.com takes us behind the scenes – or under the boat rather – to learn more about capturing the live stream of beluga whales on our Beluga Boat Live Cam. 

Deep Sea Creatures: Meet the Yeti Crab

Our partners at Mother Nature Network reported on this new find in 2012: This hairy crab is so unusual that a whole new family of animal had to be created to classify it. Its official name is Kiwa hirsuta, and even after a year of study scientists say there’s still much about it they don’t understand. The

Creatures of the Deep Sea: Japanese Sea Nettles

These sea creatures are 15 feet of stinging, tangling strings. Magnificent hunters with no brain or heart. Amazing Facts:  Pain caused by the sting of a west coast sea nettle is similar in intensity to that of a bee sting. It does not have serious effects except in those individuals who are sensitive to the

Amazing Deep Sea Creatures: bigfin reef squid

In the tropical sea at depths of up to 200 meters, you’ll find the bigfin reef squid. Though “big” is in its name, it grows to just a foot in length, but it’s appetite is a big surprise. The squid captures prey with its 10 tentacles and can eat up to 30% of its body