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Creatures of the Deep Sea: Japanese Sea Nettles

These sea creatures are 15 feet of stinging, tangling strings. Magnificent hunters with no brain or heart. Amazing Facts:  Pain caused by the sting of a west coast sea nettle is similar in intensity to that of a bee sting. It does not have serious effects except in those individuals who are sensitive to the

Calming but Carnivorous!

These West Coast Sea Nettles could calm you into a trance watching them dance, but then you might have fallen for their tricks. “These jellies are carnivores, feeding on other jellies and a variety of zooplankton including larval fishes and eggs, comb jellies, and pelagic snails,” (Aquarium of the Pacific). If you’re not a pelagic

We’re feeling Canadian today

We’re feeling Canadian today. Lets check out the live cam of the magnificent Japanese sea nettles that reside at the Vancouver Aquarium — a non-profit society dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life. Japanese sea nettles are a type of jelly, an invertebrate made up mostly of water. Jellies have no heart, brain or bones. They swim by jet