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Cat people vs. dog people: Who’s more outgoing? More intelligent?

Studying the reasons people identify as cat or dog lovers may lead to better matches between owners and pets who participate in pet therapy. Find out which one you are at – mothernaturenetwork. Whichever you are, we think you’ll feel right at home at the Kitten Rescue and Dog Bless You Live Cams! TGIF!

5 Incredible Places Where the Ocean Glows

mothernaturenetwork: Tourists travel the world to see these sites where phosphorescent waves light up the night. Explore more moon, night and glowing shots here.  

Happy Mother’s Day!

mothernaturenetwork: As tiny black bear cub emerges from den, lucky photographer documents once-in-a-lifetime event Through sheer luck, a wildlife photographer spent an hour with a teensy wild black bear cub and its mother, documenting its experience of seeing the world for the first time. Giraffes to elephants to puppies and kittens click here for more moms and babies. Happy Mother’s Day!

How to watch the first solar eclipse of 2014 online

mothernaturenetwork: The ‘bizarre eclipse’ will mostly be visible in person to penguins in Antarctica and some lucky Australians, but thanks to live web feeds from some telescopes, anyone can watch.  

Deep Sea Creatures: Meet the Yeti Crab

Our partners at Mother Nature Network reported on this new find in 2012: This hairy crab is so unusual that a whole new family of animal had to be created to classify it. Its official name is Kiwa hirsuta, and even after a year of study scientists say there’s still much about it they don’t understand. The

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