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Do Bears Fish Brooks Falls in September?

By “The Artist Formerly Known as Ranger Mike” Fitz In September and October, Bear 480 Otis makes a living from his office in the far pool at Brooks Falls, catching unsuspecting salmon that swim within reach. This year in particular, several other bears have joined him at the falls and all are fishing more or

How will Bear #83 survive his wounds?

By “The Artist Formerly Known as Ranger Mike” Fitz Since the bearcam has gone live, bear #83 has spent significant time fishing at Brooks Falls. This year he has a sizable wound on his left shoulder. Will this injury hinder his success at Brooks Falls or his overall survival?

Rangers Roy and Mike Say Farewell Live Today

For years each summer, as the brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park awake from hibernation to feast on a river or salmon, Rangers Roy Wood and Mike Fitz have joined the Kodiaks in front of the cam to engage our community with experience and encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world.

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Polar Bear Season Opens with Katmai Ranger Live Chat

Polar Bear Season kicked off on explore.org with a live chat, as Polar Bears International’s Alysa McCall hosted fan-favorites Rangers Roy Wood and Mike Fitz of Katmai National Park. Now that the seasons are changing, the brown bears are beginning to den and hibernate for the winter. The oranges and browns of Katmai are giving way

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Dumpling Mountain Q&A Brings Vistas, Tears to Eyes

The final live chat of the Bear Cam season came to us from far above Brooks River, near the summit of Dumpling Mountain in Katmai National Park. Rangers Mike Fitz, Landis Ehler, and Aaron Camire braved frozen faces and beards peppered with ice to give us a tour of the land from this unique perspective.

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