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Ranger Roy Wood

Rangers Roy and Mike Say Farewell Live Today

For years each summer, as the brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park awake from hibernation to feast on a river or salmon, Rangers Roy Wood and Mike Fitz have joined the Kodiaks in front of the cam to engage our community with experience and encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world.

The two have just announced that they will soon leave their posts at Katmai for new, exciting opportunities. To tell us more about their future and for a chance to say goodbye, Roy and Mike join us on the Brooks Falls Cam today at 4pm PT.

Ranger Mike tells us, “For our last chat, we’ll reflect on our experiences at Katmai, with the bears, and the cams. We also want to share some of your favorite bearcam moments.”

They’ll let us in on what to expect this upcoming bear cam season, and introduce us to the Katmai staff who will guide us through it. Though the two can never truly be replaced, we’ll be in good hands as we navigate Katmai together this summer. Join the chat and say farewell to Mike and Roy!

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