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katmai national park rangers

Rangers Aaron, Mike, and Landis (l to r)

Dumpling Mountain Q&A Brings Vistas, Tears to Eyes

The final live chat of the Bear Cam season came to us from far above Brooks River, near the summit of Dumpling Mountain in Katmai National Park.

Rangers Mike Fitz, Landis Ehler, and Aaron Camire braved frozen faces and beards peppered with ice to give us a tour of the land from this unique perspective. Preparing to depart from Katmai for the season, their own personal stories and reflections about the bears, the spectacular park, and the community of dedicated viewers enriched the live session with genuine emotion.

In this chat the Rangers covered hibernation practices of the Brown Bears (do they go to the bathroom during the winter?), the geography and history of Dumpling Mountain, and concluded with an inside look into the Rangers’ most rewarding experiences of the summer.

Here’s your chance to rewatch the Rangers answer your questions:

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