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katmai national park rangers

Dumpling Mountain Q&A Brings Vistas, Tears to Eyes

The final live chat of the Bear Cam season came to us from far above Brooks River, near the summit of Dumpling Mountain in Katmai National Park. Rangers Mike Fitz, Landis Ehler, and Aaron Camire braved frozen faces and beards peppered with ice to give us a tour of the land from this unique perspective.

Snug In Their Dens

/ Post by Andrew Derocher of Polar Bears International At this rather hectic time of year, it‘s amazing to ponder that deep under the snow all over the Arctic, the miracle that brings us a new generation of polar bears is upon us. Hundreds of pregnant females have “settled down for a long winters nap,”

The Season of Denning For Katmai’s Brown Bears

by Ranger Masaki Mizushima of Katmai National Park It is early October and autumn glazes over Brooks Camp. This is the time of year when change takes place and the transition of the seasons washes over the wilds of Katmai National Park, progressing down to the tip of the Alaskan Peninsula. The tinting browns of blue-joint