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Good News from Maine: Puffins Successful!

We received great news this morning from Project Puffin; the numbers are in and there’s been a fantastic increase in Puffin chicks fledging! From our partners at Audubon’s Project Puffin and Dr. Stephen Kress:

This Just In: Puffling Pal Parades Off

Update from Seal Island: Our Puffling Pal from the Puffin Burrow Live Cam has successfully fledged! Read the update from our partners at Audubon:

Explore and Puffins Making the News

You may have seen all the good Puffin news on the blogs today! Yahoo News & ABC reported on our need for “Puffinologists.” Check out the video here! “[Dr. Steve] Kress said the information gathered by puffin watchers will be included in published papers. The goal is to document how much food it takes for puffin chicks

Puffin Magic

Sometimes, the light and the sea air are just right to make Puffin magic on the Loafing Ledge. Thanks to CamOpJoellen for capturing the magic in these snapshots! Citizen Science! Audubon can still use your help in capturing snapshots from the Live Cam between 10-10:30 am and 6-6:30 pm ET, and sharing your observations in the

Puffins Take Manhattan!

There’s a giant Puffin taking New York City’s Times Square by storm today! Help get out the word about explore.org/puffin! If you’re wandering around Times Square today, stop for a pose and a snap. Help us collect the best Puffin Album yet using the #puffincam on Twitter! And as always, tune in to the Live Puffin Cams 24/7 at

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