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Peep on a vine.

Bella Hummingbird chicks Lily and Peep have fledged!

Little hummingbird chicks Lily and Peep are growing up and have fledged from the Bella Hummingbird Nest. Peep went first when a bird startled him. Whatever it takes! Lily didn’t want to be left out of the fun and joined him not long after. The host of the Bella Hummingbird nest expressed these words about

Heddy still feeds Breeze and Clover

Hummingbird Fledge Update: Everything is Awesome!

Breeze & Clover Hummingbird, Heddy’s chicks on the Ivy Hummingbird nest fledged earlier this week after 25 days on the nest. The live cam’s host gave us an update on the pair, and everything is looking great!

The hummingbird chick contemplates its sibling who just left the nest for the first time.

Breeze & Clover Hummingbird have fledged!

Breeze & Clover Hummingbird, Heddy’s chicks on the Ivy Hummingbird nest have fledged!

Breeze and Clover are growing up

Breeze & Clover Hummingbird are ready to fledge!

Breeze and Clover, the two chicks of Heddy featured on the Ivy Hummingbird Nest, are 22 days old and already practicing their flying skills, beating their wings at 80 flaps per second! Today, and in the following few days, the pair will perch on the edge of the nest and regularly exercise their wings until

Good News from Maine: Puffins Successful!

We received great news this morning from Project Puffin; the numbers are in and there’s been a fantastic increase in Puffin chicks fledging! From our partners at Audubon’s Project Puffin and Dr. Stephen Kress:

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