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UFO Baby Seeks Answers to an American Mystery

The US Air Force’s case files on UFO sightings have fascinated extraterrestrial believers, skeptics, and truth-seekers alike. Named Project Blue Book, the investigations ran from 1952-1969. Now, over 130,000 pages of declassified UFO records have been released online under the Freedom of Information Act, reigniting the fires of curiosity and a consuming search for answers.

Meet the World Food Programme in Darfur

In this short film, learn more about the work the World Food Programme does in regions of conflict to make strive and meet the needs of and provide food to the conflict-torn region. 

Student at AnWu school in CHina

Watch AnWu School, A Short Film About Children Learning In Rural China

The vast majority of children in China receive their primary education in rural schools, which are often below the standards of their urban counterparts. About 80% of rural school children don’t get past middle school, and many face difficult life prospects as they become teenage farmers and migrant workers. Charlie and Explore traveled to the rural

Back to School Message from Charlie

Among explore’s founding principles are “Share What You Know” and “Never Stop Learning.” As many students and educators are heading back to school, I invite you to check out some of the lessons plans we’ve put together in a special education section on explore.org. The films profile issues facing the environment, education, human rights, public health, philosophy, animal

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