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Bailey Fledging by Faith Elisabeth

Written by Faith Elisabeth  “Our” Bailey, Steve and Rachel’s only surviving chick from this season had a really tough time of it.  After both her siblings were killed by a Great Horned Owl, she had to endure an attack herself, and survived it because of the heroic persistence and protection of her mother, only to

Good News from Maine: Puffins Successful!

We received great news this morning from Project Puffin; the numbers are in and there’s been a fantastic increase in Puffin chicks fledging! From our partners at Audubon’s Project Puffin and Dr. Stephen Kress:

An important stepping stone in the life of the osprey chicks happened this last week. The first osprey chick fledged. I knew that the chicks were preparing to fly. I had watched them practice. They flapped their wings in the nest, even gliding around. However, it came as a surprise when the oldest chick, the aptly named Sky, flew out of the nest. It happened very fast, very suddenly. I thought I was just watching more flapping, and then all of a sudden she lifted up and away she went.

The other chicks were very interested. They came up to the edge of the nest and looked out for the longest time. Watching her or searching for her, the chicks kept an eye on the skies while she was gone. They were looking out at their own future, possibly envying Sky’s triumph. Maybe they were trying to learn from her, or to see how she did it.

It didn’t take Rachel very long to decide to follow Sky. She took off as well and went after her new fledgling. I imagine she found Sky and was helping her learn how to fly better. For the first time, there were only two chicks in the nest. They kept their attention mostly on the edge of the nest. They looked around at the horizon. Rachel came back before Sky did. She kept her focus mainly on the skies as well. It’s difficult to not imagine that what they felt was some sort of pride.

Intern Kevin, on watching Sky fledge for the first tim

Sky Takes To It!

We are ecstatic to announce that our oldest osprey chick, Sky, has just left the nest for the first time! Keep watching as we eagerly await the fledging of our next two chicks, Sibley and Ollie! For more information about fledging, check out our previous post here.

Fledging Alert!

Mama Rachel and Papa Steve are preparing for their chicks, Sky, Ollie and Sibley to take their first flights!  The three chicks are entering their final phase as nesting youths, having been born on June 7, 8 and 11. In only two months’ time, the chicks have hatched, remained healthy, and are now growing the feathers and

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