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This Just In: Puffling Pal Parades Off

Update from Seal Island: Our Puffling Pal from the Puffin Burrow Live Cam has successfully fledged! Read the update from our partners at Audubon:

Puffling Pipped for Proud Puffin Parents!

We have a new chick that’s joined the world and our live cams! Hatched yesterday, meet our new little Puffling. From our partners at Audubon: Welcome to the world!  Today, Saturday June 28th our Puffin Burrow egg hatched (throughout the day).  Here are a few select shots of the egg pipping, hatching, and of the new

Puffling Baby Hope on Expert Live Chat Today!

Tune in TODAY from 2-3 pm (11am Pacific) EST for another expert live chat with Puffin Project Director and Founder Dr. Stephen Kress, and to check in on our Puffin chick, Hope. Post your questions on the comments section of the Burrow Cam and satisfy your curiosity about Puffin fledging and migration!