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My What Long Ears You Have!

Our Long-eared Owl mom is vigilant to nest duties. Her long ears, so visible in this great snapshot from Samantha Eye, are perked and listening out! Below is an update from Jess at the Owl Research Institute on this year’s nest:

I want to fill you in on a few details about this nest. This year’s Long-eared owl┬ánest is just feet away from last year’s nest. Both male and female are new this year (which is common). The eggs were laid over a month ago, which means that they should have hatched/or should be hatching any day now! I believe she has laid five eggs. Keep an eye on the female’s behavior. Does she appear to be preening something at the bottom of the nest? Is she paying special attention to the nest or looking down often? If yes, the chicks have likely hatched and we should get glimpses of their white downy bodies soon. After the chicks hatch they will stay nestbound for roughly 21 days.
This nest is part of our Long-eared owl study, now in it’s 28th year. You may see us checking on the nest from time to time. I will try to give you a heads up before we go out and fill you in on what we are looking for/what we find when we get back. Keep your questions coming and happy owling!