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Snowy Owl Live Chat!

Denver Holt and his team from Owl Research Institute are up in Alaska monitoring snowy owls in their nests and they’re reporting a good breeding season so far with adorable chicks currently hatching.

Denver and ORI will join us for a live chat some time next week and they asked that you submit your snowy owl questions early before then. Which you can do right here under this blog post! Ask about how snowy owls build their nests, how they catch their prey and feed their chicks. We’ll let you know on explore.org and in a newsletter (sign up here!) when we’ve scheduled the chat. We hope to see your awesome questions!

  • KD J

    The eggs and chicks are extreme white in a brown landscape. is that why all the lemmings are placed in a circle around them?

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  • Izzy 52

    Do adults have a difference in their appearance to distinguishmale and females? What is the incubation time?

  • http://lindaphelanlmt.com/ Linda Phelan Thompson

    Are there wolves or bears where they nest? Do they have any predators?

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  • Katbird

    Did most of the snowy owls that erupted to Ohio and other parts south last winter return to the north this spring? I saw one male in Cleveland on April 5.

  • Mike Campbell

    What do we know about their population, and how reliable are the numbers?

  • June

    Is there a strong lemming population currently?

  • Bea

    How do they make their nest and how long does it take them? Do they ever reuse a nest or go back to the same araa as a previous nest?

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  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Are nesting sites distributed evenly across the area you are studying or do they appear grouped together? Is the distribution of nesting sites based on available “high points” in the landscape or is it based on other factors?

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Do snowies pair bond for life like the great greys or are they more like the long eared owls and willing to switch partners each year? Has this changed during the 27 years you have been studying them

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Aside from the gryfalcon are there other raptors competing for the same food sources?

  • Piggies1013

    Could climate change effect the lemming population? You have been traveling to Alaska for many years. Do you see animals that normally would not be in the tundra area, but are there because of warmer temperatures? If so, could that be a threat to the Snowy? Thank you

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