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Puffin Live Chat Recap

Below is the recap of the Puffin Live Chat with Steve Kress on August 3rd. We would like to personally thank Robinette for taking the time to transcribe the live chat for our hearing impaired viewers. Thank you, Robinette! Puffin Live Chat With Stephen Kress 3 August 2017 Transcribed by Robinette  Editor’s Note: Has been condensed/edited

Denver Holt Live Chat Recap!

Did you miss last week’s owl live chat with Denver Holt? We’ve got you covered! Below is the full video as well as the transcribed version! A big thank you to Cathy Seymour for transcribing the live chat!   Denver Holt Live Chat 6/23/17 transcribed by Cathy Seymour  Good afternoon from Charlo Montana, I am Denver Holt