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otis nap

Daily Dose of Love: Otis’ Epic Nap!

Is It Time To Hibernate Yet? Big brown bear Otis puts the power in power nap. Male adults like him can weigh up to 900 lbs at this point in the summer, and by October, when they’re full of fresh fish, can weigh in at over half a ton! Today we watched Otis snoozing from

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This Week on Explore! (7/7)

Underwater Bear Cam is live again! Beloved Otis (480) has returned to Brooks Falls! Both Guillemot chicks have hatched! Chick # 1 hatched July 5th, Chick #2 hatched July 6th New Cam Alert! Please welcome Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary as they allow us to watch them care for rescued senior dogs as they relax

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Best Bear Sighting 7/7

  Best Bear Sighting of the Week! One of our favorite #BearCam regulars, and one of Katmai National Park & Preserve‘s oldest known bears, Otis is back! Watch him only at explore.org/bears!

brown bear eating salmon

Lunch with Otis

Hungry? How does sushi sound? Come lunch with Otis in this highlight video from Brooks Falls. 

otis the brown bear

“O” is for Otis

Oh, you know him oh so well, but maybe there’s a fact or two about our big, brown bear Otis you haven’t heard before. Check out these fast facts and Bear ID Guide compiled by our Brown Bear Cam Ops below:

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