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Daily Dose of Love: Otis’ Epic Nap!

Is It Time To Hibernate Yet?

Big brown bear Otis puts the power in power nap. Male adults like him can weigh up to 900 lbs at this point in the summer, and by October, when they’re full of fresh fish, can weigh in at over half a ton!

Today we watched Otis snoozing from morning through much of the afternoon until he finally decided to get up and catch breakfast.

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Rick | explore.org

  • mosaic_world

    sweet Otis

  • shnzermom

    Wow..someone said he slepted 13 hrs on that island…

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/1897654693792487/ Linda Jett_Joanie_IRL_Joanie

    LOL, though I cannot in all honesty ssay that he was there all night, when I went to bed at 10pm Alaska Time, he was sound asleep, and when the cams came on this morning he was still there. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1a912882d9f3cb98dc067e11178ecc54d6efe1f7fb1fed442dc5312a7aeda7a.jpg

    • NVRayn

      I agree with the timing.

    • alwaysconservative

      Well, he was fishing for 12+ hours yesterday so he needed to recharge. I love that bear.

  • Kwaahu


  • ♥Juergen♥
  • Tweetylady

    I feel you, Otis, I like my naps too!

  • Sandra Taylor

    I kept checking to see if there was a sign of life! His body was ultra-relaxed for so long, but I could always detect respiration! thank goodness…he is truly an icon

  • Xan Xan