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bella hummingbird blog

This Week on Explore (3/15)

This week at explore.org has been a relatively tough week for us. Unexpectedly, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bella Hummingbird. Bella was such an important part of the explore.org family and are so sad to see her go. Please watch this tribute video as we say our final goodbyes: We also lost an

mike fitz blog

This Week on Explore (3/8)

Welcome to Fitz Facts! Naturalist and former park ranger Mike Fitz is BACK with a new weekly series that helps educate us about our beloved wildlife! Tune in every Thursday! Though today is International Women’s Day, we believe in championing women year-round. From female scientists and researchers to leaders in the non-profit world, we’ve met many amazing women since explore.org’s journey

snapshot contest winner africam blog monkey

This Week on Explore (3/1)

This week, we hosted a snapshot sharing contest for the new Africams and we were BLOWN away by the amazing snapshots taken. Click here to see all of the featured winners! The Decorah Eagles have laid not one but TWO eggs! Come watch as mom and dad take turns incubating! The Decorah Norths have also

africam leopard blog

This Week on Explore (2/22)

We have had such a spectacular week here at explore.org! To start off, we welcome four new Africa cams in partnership with Africam.com! Located in South Africa, these cams give us another unique perspective of African wildlife. The Decorah North Eagles have welcomed their first egg! While hundreds of people watched yesterday, DNF successfully laid

sauces eagles blog

This Week on Explore (2/15)

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the Sauces Bald Eagles. After laying two eggs last week, both of them broke unexpectedly. Within one day of the eggs breaking, ANOTHER egg was laid. So despite the loss of two eggs, the Sauces Eagles hold onto one last attempt at a successful chick. We

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