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Photo by Derrick Z. Jackson

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Guillemot Reveals Two Eggs

This Week on Explore (6/16)

DN4 has fledged! After an accidental (and suspenseful) fledge, we have received confirmation that DN4 is successfully flying and exploring the area! He has also returned to the nest, a nice surprise for explore! ECAD has a new litter! Please welcome Midori’s litter! Check out her puptatoes here! Two of Charlo Montana Osprey’s eggs have hatched!

Project Puffin Research Supervisors Keenan Yakola and Isabel Brofsky appreciate guillemots

An International Holiday for an Underappreciated Seabird

By Isabel Brofksy, Project Puffin Research Supervisor on Seal Island The past week on Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge has been an exciting one for our smallest alcid, the Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylle). On Wednesday, June 29th, a cool, rainy morning, the Audubon Guillemot Burrow cam’s first chick pushed its way out of its egg

Black Guillemot nest with eggs

A Quick Guide to Guillemot Eggs

We continue our series of posts detailing the different eggs of Seal Island, one of Project Puffin’s research islands, and home to the explore.org Puffin, Arctic Tern, and Guillemot Cams. Seal Island Supervisor Keenan Yakola teaches us about Guillemot eggs.

Project Puffin: News from Eastern Egg Rock

A volunteer helps out with guillemot productivity: weighing and measuring chicks to get a sense of how the population is doing. Photo courtesy of: Kate MacNamee

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