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OrcaLab Live Chat 8/11

It’s Orca Season! To celebrate, we are hosting a live chat with OrcaLab’s Paul Spong and Helena Symonds on Friday, August 11th, at 12 PM PT/ 3 pm ET!

Learn all about orcas and what makes them such interesting and diverse sea animals. Want to know something specific? Make sure to submit your questions for Paul and Helena below so they can be answered during the chat!

When we go live, you will be able to watch the live chat here!

  • WannabeTraveler

    Hopefully this is the correct place to leave questions for the live chat, and that these are not dumb ones. :-)

    I had a number of questions regarding today’s whale observations. When the whales are all spread out over a couple of sq km’s, single, in pairs, little groups…..,,, what does that usually indicate? Feeding? Socializing? etc
    Second, when you see a whale motionless on the surface for minutes at a time on the cams,,,, is it a little rest? Normal?

    How does one get anything accomplished when they love watching and listening to the whales on Explore Cams? Helpful hints would be good. lol

    Thanks for your time!!!!!

  • E.A.V

    I have looked at previous interviews with you and especially in 2015, the season began later than usual as well. Do you think this is a trend that will continue? Is it possible to get less boat noise in the area, measures that can be done? Thank you

  • Margarethe

    Question for live chat: I’ve observed, and have read this as well, that orca tend to engage in more surface behaviors when boats are nearby, especially when the boats contain vocal whale-watchers. Are there any opinions as to why this is so? (Although spy-hopping behavior seems to be self-explanatory in these instances.) It is frustrating to me because it seems a vicious cycle: whale-watching is encouraged by surface behaviors which is encouraged by whale-watching … all of which brings out more boats and more noise and more disturbance to the whales.

  • Margarethe

    Question: Many of us cam watchers have observed boats intentionally getting very close to orca. I realize that the cams can distort distances, but there have been many instances where it was obvious that boats were seeking and maintaining a very close approach. Are there penalties for this behavior and, if so, who polices that? Have there been studies regarding the effect on orca from this behavior (I.e. area avoidance, feeding disruption, noise interference – especially communication – etc.)?

  • Margarethe

    Question: how often, or do, Biggs orca come through the strait and by the cams on Explore? Is their behavior different (if they come through) that we’d be able to tell them from the residents?

  • Margarethe

    Question: is the taxonomy of orca (regarding breaking some into separate species and/or subspecies based on morphology and diet, etc) under review and, if so, who would review and how would any proposed changes be put into effect?

  • Addie

    Hi :) Last summer it was thought A42 and possibly A50 were pregnant, any news with their calves? thanks for all you do! love everything about OrcaLab. :)

  • Duska

    First of all, thank you for making it possible for us from far away to enjoy these magnificent creatures.

    I have read somewhere that the Southern residents are almost starving. Does the Northern resident population hace enough food?
    Are there any problems with salmon in this area that may affect orcas?

  • Duska

    I have heard of A, I, and G clans, were there ever clans B, C, D…?
    If so, what happened to them?

  • Duska

    What is you opinion about the whale protection around the world?

    Sometimes it seems that a lot of people think whales are protected and forget about iceland, Norway and Japan still hunting them.
    What is the influence of this hunting on whale population?
    Will Japan ever stop its “research”?

  • Brenda Taylor

    What is the ultimate water temperature for the orca’s? Does a change in water temperature change their behavior from season to season?

  • Brenda Taylor

    Please talk about the air quality and if it has an affect on the orcas to have no sun for an extended period of time.

  • Addie

    can’t hear you :)

  • Addie

    can you refer me to an orca id guide-a book preferably-not online-like to study book in hand. ty :)

  • Kevin King

    Do you think radar and/or sonar used on military ships bother or affect the whales?

  • Addie

    Thank you soooo much! was awesome! :) Xx <3

  • Xan Xan