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OrcaLab Live Chat: Orca Families (8/15)

You may have read the heartbreaking CNN story this weekend of a mother orca unable to let go of her dead calf. It’s a reminder of how close of a bond familial groups are in orca populations. Joining us to expand on orca families are OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds in a live chat tomorrow (Wednesday August 15th) at 5pm ET / 2pm PT. Ask them your orca questions here, such as how long do orca offspring stay with their mothers? Who leads the pods? We’ll see you then on the OrcaLab Cam!

  • Jenny Rietz

    Hey Guys,
    i manage the Facebook Site Killer Whales of B.C. and would like to thank you for your brilliant work on the cams and for the Northern Residents.
    You bring us the animals so close. Thank you so much

    My Questions:

    – Is it possible for you to get more information about the family? e.g. Who has new calves? Who is missing? Who are the sprouters?
    – Do you have information about A46 Kaikash? Is he alive? Or is the A36 family extinct?
    – Was A109 Eliot spotted in the last 3 weeks?

  • Brenda L Reddy

    when there is spy hopping in pod- are there particular whales who this? Do members of the pod have, not assigned, but special roles they play within that pod?

  • Addie

    Does anyone know why female orcas have a longer life span than male orcas?

  • Addie

    Why do female orcas live longer than male orcas? thanks for all you do. :)

  • Kelly-Ann Carroll

    Why do we not see the Humpbacks on the Robson Bight and Rubbing Beach Cams? Are the waters too shallow? Food does not seem like it would be an issue. Thank you all for your time and the work that you do.

  • Brenda L Reddy

    are orcas matriarchal?

  • Brenda L Reddy

    The noise on Robson Bight is unreal and lately there have been numerous boats- how detrimental is this to the orcas. and given there may be emissions from boats and this is a relatively small area – can the petroleum products be harmful for the orcas?

  • Brenda L Reddy

    Have you been able to identify any mutations to better the orcas adaptability to our industrial world? Have you ever used a mini-sub to get up-close to an orca?