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dolphins surfing waves

Drone Captures Dolphins Surfing Whale Waves (Video)

Over the course of a few recent months,  Capt. Dave’s Whale Watching & Dolphin Safari caught a spectacle that overjoyed whale watchers in Dana Point, California and viewers across the web. Get ready for surfing dolphins!

Watch “Baby Dolphins Zen Den”- A Short Film

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins have close ties between mothers and calves. Females mature around 9 or 10 years and are able to get pregnant at that time. Many dolphin females learn how to babysit. It isn’t unusual to see grandmothers with their daughters and grandchildren. It’s one big happy family. In this short film you will

Dolphins Smartest Animals After Humans

When explore.org visited the dolphin research center in the Bahamas, we saw first hand not only the majestic nature of dolphins, but their mind-blowing intelligence. From Discovery: When human measures for intelligence are applied to other species, dolphins are second only toHomo sapiens in brainpower, according to Lori Marino, a senior lecturer in neuroscience and behavioral

10 Days, 10 Amazing Facts about Dolphins!

Day 9: With the Greatest of Ease! Bottlenose dolphins have been observed to breach up to 16 feet (4.9 meters) out of the water, landing with a splash on their back or side. (NatGeo)  See the dolphins do their tricks in the wild at explore.org. 

10 Days, 10 Amazing Facts about Dolphins!

Day 8: Dolphin Talk – Starting from birth, dolphins squawk, whistle, click, and squeak. “Sometimes one dolphin will vocalize and then another will seem to answer,” says Sara Waller, who studies bottlenose dolphins off the California coast. “And sometimes members of a pod vocalize in different patterns at the same time, much like many people

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