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Daily Dose of Love: Congrats to CNN Hero Harry Grammer!

Helping New Earth Make a Difference Explore is honored to partner with Los Angeles’ New Earth. The mentor-based arts, educational, and vocational program transforms the lives of juvenile justice youth to help realize their full potential. Many participants operate explore’s series of live natue and animal cams! New Earth founder Harry Grammer has been named a CNN

Get To Know New Earth & Our Cam Ops!

New Earth Organization is the team responsible for managing and coordinating our camera operations. The non-profit manages a large team of volunteer camera operators as well as a job development program team that is based in Los Angeles, CA. As an organization, New Earth provides mentor-based arts, educational, and vocational programs that empower juvenile justice and system

Cat King

A poem inspired by the Kitten Rescue Cam, from our partners at New Earth Life: “As I sit on the top, I flex. My next move will be smart like a game of chess. I walk and shine like I walk with glitter, and I talk with whiskers, and have my food tray cleaned as well as

Brrrrr Bees!

It’s just 37 degrees in Waal, Bavaria, where the honey bees on the Bee Hive Cam seem to be huddling up for warmth. Like other insects, the honey bee is cold-blooded (exothermic). However, unlike other insects, the honey bee does not die off in the fall or hibernate, but is active all winter eating and

Thoughts by Tyree, Bison Cam Operator

Dear God, I cant seem to believe the fact that I’ve been disowning you lately. I guess I let my greed take a hold of me when it’s you who provide me with food. I walk around with my head down everyday on the search for something to eat, forgetting to thank you for what