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Jackson's here for the milk and cookies.

Jingle Woof Winners of the Day

Happy holidays! We asked for festive photos of your furry friends, and the responses have been incredible! Check out the hilarious and heartwarming snapshots viewers have sent in.


Six Animals Show Off Their Winter Coats

Cold-climate creatures need to adapt as the temperatures drop if they want to survive the season. Frequently, the animals will add layers; an undercoat of fur can make all the difference in the biting cold. A few animals change color as well. Sometimes that’s to keep them warm. Other times, it’s to keep them hidden

lake tahoe sunrise

Get Chilly with It

This may be one of the coldest winters on record in parts of the United States. Some are bundling up, other seeking warmer climes. Others are embracing the chill and the blanket of white. See what’s happening on Lake Tahoe Live. 

chcarlie and Lucky the dog in the snow

Lucky in the Snow Zen Den

Take a minute out of your day to be a kid again. Go with Charlie and Lucky, and play in the snow of Sun Valley, Idaho in this short Zen Den video.

brown bear at river in snow

Snow Day on the Lower River

Fall is officially here and it might even seem that winter has come to Katmai. Check out this early morning snow scene captured from the Brown Bear Lower River Cam last week. 

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