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Brrrrr Bees!

It’s just 37 degrees in Waal, Bavaria, where the honey bees on the Bee Hive Cam seem to be huddling up for warmth.

Like other insects, the honey bee is cold-blooded (exothermic). However, unlike other insects, the honey bee does not die off in the fall or hibernate, but is active all winter eating and metabolizing honey to keep warm. Individual honeybees are exothermic (maintaining body heat from outside sources), but a hive collectively is endothermic (maintains body heat from within). With the onset of cold weather, the bees congregate in a cluster, shivering their flight muscles to generate heat and warm the hive. (source)

Did You Know? Nearly 70% of the world’s entire food supply is pollinated by bees! 

See the honey bees on the live cam here.