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Explore.org visits New Earth!

Explore.org visits New Earth!

Get To Know New Earth & Our Cam Ops!

New Earth Organization is the team responsible for managing and coordinating our camera operations. The non-profit manages a large team of volunteer camera operators as well as a job development program team that is based in Los Angeles, CA. As an organization, New Earth provides mentor-based arts, educational, and vocational programs that empower juvenile justice and system involved youth ages 13-25 to transform their lives, move toward positive, healthier life choices, and realize their full potential as contributing members of our community.

Some of the job development program team at work at the New Earth Arts and Leadership Center.

Some of the job development program team at work at the New Earth Arts and Leadership Center.

The partnership between New Earth and Explore.org has given the organization a wonderful opportunity to give the young men and women in their program positions as camera operators and a new lens in which to discover the world. These young program alumni are taught how to be camera operators as well as job skills that are pivotal to gaining successful employment. They work side by side (in cyber space) with the phenomenal volunteers that New Earth has; these operators are located all over the world!

By CamOp Fawn

By CamOp Fawn

The position of remote camera operator is a pretty unique one. Our operators are directors and cinematographers of the views that we all see on Explore.org. They are also citizen scientists and social media aficionados. These operators are there for the best of times on our cameras as well as the really tough moments. Our operators give their time selflessly so that our Explore.org community can have the views that we do. From kittens, service dogs, bison, bears and so many more, our camera operators capture them all on Explore.org!

By Cam Op Scout

By CamOp Scout

Both Explore.org and New Earth would not be the places they are without the wonderful team of camera operators that we have. They enrich and enhance all of our lives by giving their time and skills to our community. Let’s give them a shout out for the tremendous job that they do!

By CamOp Doug

By CamOp Doug

  • Azhlynne

    Thank you so very much for allowing me the opportunity to watch nature in all it’s beauty (and sometimes sadness)! I absolutely love these cams and would be lost without them!

  • Puffinette

    Would love to meet all of you guys. You are totally fab!

  • beepipes-Tennessee

    In the midst of tragedy in my life, I came upon Explore and the wonderful cam operators…folks who gave so freely of their time, experience and kindness. It lifted my spirit and brought a peace to my soul. I thank each and everyone of you. The ripples you bring are priceless.

  • GABear

    Explore cam-ops ROCK!!! Nobody does it better!!

  • Patti

    Y’all are so awesome! I am so glad you have joined the co-op experience! You enrich our lives and yours every day, all day! Thank you so much for what you do! Explore.org, thanks a million!

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Hey it’s great to “see you” because I have enjoyed your fine camera work for 3 years. Night or day, weekdays or weekends you are a big part of Explore. Thank you

  • Ron Fisher

    Just wondering how/why all the crew is based in LA? Its a city not known for wildlife? Well, maybe the other “wild life”. And, I live in Montana an cannot for the last 4 days get the Charlo Osprey nest camera? I get all the other Explore cameras…but not the Osprey in Charlo Montana.

  • 2pointers

    What a wonderful job all the cam ops do. Kudos and applause to each and every one of them! [big hug]

  • provopalatka

    I’m so glad You do what you do.You’re great

  • HuskerBear

    Many thanks for all you do and for bringing parts of the world to me that I normally would not be able to see. Nature is AMAZING!!!

  • Nippykippy

    you are really amazing. incredible eye and skills. so kind of you to share your talents with us. we all really appreciate you.