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Cat King

A poem inspired by the Kitten Rescue Cam, from our partners at New Earth Life:

“As I sit on the top, I flex.
My next move will be smart like a game of chess.
I walk and shine like I walk with glitter,
and I talk with whiskers,
and have my food tray cleaned as well as my box of litter.
I climb, I run, I crawl, I jump,
for real, for fun, this cat ain’t dumb.
I am the cat king therefore,
my name is Cat King Yoda,
…but different from star wars.”
You can be inspired today too – click here to meet the cats of the Kitten Live Cam!


  1. Thomas Robertson

    Here we go with the tears again – CAT KING YODA – such a love bug and he invents sleeping positions every day. Really miss the little guy. Came that close to flying to LA and adopting him or Mr Tipper. God bless all the kitties and their parents. (kittydad)

  2. tigertribe

    Happy tears rolling down my cheeks. Thanks for this poem. I miss him very much.