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Winners of Animal Photo Contest

mothernaturenetwork: The winners of the Nature Conservancy’s 2013 Digital Photo contest have been announced. See all the stunning photos. You can see our digital photo albums of fanshots from explore.org here, and create your own collection from our live cams.

Bear Memories

We’ve spent the last month observing the iconic symbol of the Alaskan frontier: brown bears catching salmon mid-air against an epic backdrop. We saw bear interactions like a mother defending her cubs and had some great Q&As. Viewers have shared stories, beautiful snapshots and insightful dialog. And after a short reprieve, the salmon have spawned and I’m happy to say

15 million hectares of native vegetation

Earth Hour shared this from the Nature Conservancy about some amazing, pristine nature in Australia. Read more below about this beautiful photo and explore more nature. natureconservancy: With nearly 15 million hectares of native vegetation, Australia’s Great Western Woodlands are still largely intact, blanketing one percent of the continent and supporting some of the world’s