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Community Voices: Earth Hour – Climate Change

Here are some simple tips from Brenda and another explore.org fan on how to save energy and reduce waste: Cool Down: “We keep our house at 58 in winter, and do not own an AC, but use shades and shutters in summer, with fans at night to cool the house.” – Brenda Combine trips for

Power Down for Earth Hour

15 million hectares of native vegetation

Earth Hour shared this from the Nature Conservancy about some amazing, pristine nature in Australia. Read more below about this beautiful photo and explore more nature. natureconservancy: With nearly 15 million hectares of native vegetation, Australia’s Great Western Woodlands are still largely intact, blanketing one percent of the continent and supporting some of the world’s

SOS (That’s “Save Our Sea Ice” In Polar Bear Language)

/ Post by Polar Bears International Polar Bears International’s Save Our Sea Ice (SOS!) campaign focuses attention on the urgent challenges polar bears face in a changing Arctic—with longer and longer ice-free periods threatening their survival—and the part each of us can play in stopping global warming. The campaign features a series of energy-saving efforts that begin on International