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Unwind with a Santa Monica Sunset Soundscape

Welcome to our Live Cam Soundscape series, a new Zen Den experience where scenic meets sonic. Since some of explore’s live cams don’t broadcast audio, we’re experimenting, enhancing the visual by adding layers of original music and sounds over the silent, serene scenery. Our latest is a highlight from a recent sunset over the Santa

Happy Birthday, Bob Marley!

Although I never had the honor to meet Bob Marley, I did have the privilege of spending time with Rita Marley in her adopted home of Konkonuru, Ghana. In fact, this was Explore’s first ever fact finding trip. We became so bonded that Rita went to the tribal chiefs and had me honorarily “adopted.” To

fallujah opera

Veteran Creates Opera from PTSD Struggle

In 2004 Christian Ellis was a young US marine fighting in the Iraq War. When he returned home he found himself struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His friend Charlie Annenberg challenged him to turn his profound experiences in the Iraq War into an inspiring opera, and backed up his friend’s creation with a $250,000

brown bear silouette

Your Bear Cam Soundtrack

The Shark Lagoon Soundtrack inspired inspired some suggestions for the perfect Bear Cam listening:

Shark Lagoon Soundtrack: The Best Songs To Listen To While Watching The Shark Cam

You could spend hours glued to the feed from Aquarium of the Pacific’s Shark Lagoon, watching as a wide variety of sharks and rays swim through the pool. As you get sucked into the daily lives of sand tiger sharks and freshwater sawfish, you’ll need some tunes. 

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