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Chat with Northern Lights Expert “Starman” Woloshyn

UPDATE: The live chat has been rescheduled for this Thursday, January 21st at 2pm PT / 5pm ET! Aurora Borealis, that shimmering display of lights in the skies above the Arctic, have really been amping up this season on our Northern Lights Cam. And while beautiful and seemingly otherworldly, the Aurora are a natural phenomenon.

Unwind with a Santa Monica Sunset Soundscape

Welcome to our Live Cam Soundscape series, a new Zen Den experience where scenic meets sonic. Since some of explore’s live cams don’t broadcast audio, we’re experimenting, enhancing the visual by adding layers of original music and sounds over the silent, serene scenery. Our latest is a highlight from a recent sunset over the Santa

Find zen in our new redwood soundscape

Welcome to our latest experiment in relaxation, Zen Den live cams enhanced by original musical and sonic compositions. Since these selected cams don’t normally have audio, we’re laying down these soundscapes to take you to new places of meditation. Take a look below at a short highlight from the Redwood River Cam.

Chill out with new explore cam soundscapes

At explore we like to change things up, add new features, and try out exciting ideas. Our latest experiment is a series of Zen Den live cams set to original compositions by talented artists. Since these selected cams don’t normally have audio, we felt soundscapes would enhance your chill out. Take a look below at

Yosemite Sees Rare Fox for First Time in a Century

A team of wildlife biologists dubbed the “Carnivore Crew” has spotted a rare Sierra Nevada red fox in Yosemite National Park, the National Park service announced this week. The researchers caught images of the sly fox via motion sensitive camera; this is the first sighting of Vulpes vulpes necator in over 100 years. There are

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