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Happy Birthday, Bob Marley!

Although I never had the honor to meet Bob Marley, I did have the privilege of spending time with Rita Marley in her adopted home of Konkonuru, Ghana. In fact, this was Explore’s first ever fact finding trip. We became so bonded that Rita went to the tribal chiefs and had me honorarily “adopted.” To

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

A very Happy Birthday to our founder, Charlie Annenberg. He has always championed the strength of the animal-human bond, and because of him, hundreds of people have received a service dog to better their lives. Dog Bless You, Charlie, we need more people like you in this world.

Celebrate Mama Too!

Today, Mother Ilka’s twins turn one-year-old. They are siblings to our superstar cub, Siku. Ilka is 22-years-old and loves floating in her lake. While polar bears in the wild typically live to 15-18, polar bears in zoos live up to 42-years! So Ilka’s in the prime of her life and successfully raising two healthy cubs.