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Unwind with a Santa Monica Sunset Soundscape

Welcome to our Live Cam Soundscape series, a new Zen Den experience where scenic meets sonic. Since some of explore’s live cams don’t broadcast audio, we’re experimenting, enhancing the visual by adding layers of original music and sounds over the silent, serene scenery. Our latest is a highlight from a recent sunset over the Santa

Pinks and Grays

On the Santa Monica Beach Cam you can catch a peaceful dusk like riverrock :0) shared last month (above) – or find yourself in all the summer action. Overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier and its carnival rides, the cam pans north to south and faces west; capturing the Santa Monica mountain range, Pacific Ocean and the

The Daily Circuit

Project Puffin: News From Pond Island Observe the march of the terns. Their circuit is small, a dimpled patch of sand that blends so quietly into the landscape that we might clumsily destroy their tiny haven. Luckily, the seabird biologists of Pond Island know the signs and appreciate the beauty of these small miracles that


Dowitcher searching for seafood along the coast of Stratton Island. Photo Courtesy of Janine Parziale


Sanderlings napping on the beach of Stratton Island. Photo Courtesy Of Jenny Howard

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