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Monkey Business

In one of the most interesting sequences ever captured on Explore.org, a curious olive baboon appears to be investigating Explore.org’s broadcast equipment at Mpala’s favourite watering hole, the hippo pool. The worldwide community was treated to a close up ‘face to face’ experience with the baboons. Whenever guests take a tour of the Mpala Research Centre campus, they end up at

Fan Favorite Snapshot Contest Winners!

Wow! The snapshots you all took these past few weeks were incredible! To view the Snapshot Dashboard please click here! Here are our Fan Favorite Snapshot contest winners!  We will be reaching out to winners next week!

Monkeying Around

Baboons, monkeys, chimpanzees… meet the primates of the African Wildlife Cams. In this short video, see the “best of” primate highlights collected from our Live Cams.

Getting to Know the Animals of Mpala: Most Common Visitors

This summer we launched our Africa Wildlife Cams in partnership with Mpala Research Centre in Lakipia, Central Kenya. The Cams are located in a section of the Ewaso Ng’iro River teeming with wildlife where more than 20 species have already shown up on the cams. We thought you should meet some of our African stars!

Amazing Wildlife Photography from Our Fans!

Our Explore.org fans and Live Cam watchers (you!) have captured some AMAZING shots on our African Wildlife Live Cams. We’re featuring just a few of the stupendous snapshots from the past week here and offering a short guide to the African wildlife pictured below: Water Buffalo (Emily Echols Ginder) Elephants (Dac Man & suzie2013) Hippos (Mpala Live! & Emily Echols Ginder) Egyptian Geese (Dragisha)

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