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Monkey Business

In one of the most interesting sequences ever captured on Explore.org, a curious olive baboon appears to be investigating Explore.org’s broadcast equipment at Mpala’s favourite watering hole, the hippo pool. The worldwide community was treated to a close up ‘face to face’ experience with the baboons. Whenever guests take a tour of the Mpala Research Centre campus, they end up at


Welcome 4 New Litters of Service Dog Puppies!

A BIG congrats to our partner service dog organizations – Warrior Canine Connection (WCC), East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD), and Bergin University of Canine Studies – for four (FOUR!) happy, healthy new litters of future service pups. November was a big month for babies as four mama dogs gave birth to a total of 42

Puppies Are Coming….

Mama Olive is due any hour now at the Service Dog Project. Born in 2009, Olive has already delivered one litter of service dogs and anticipates a healthy litter which she will give birth to live on explore.org. We’re all excited for Olive’s little “pimentos!”