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Monkey Business at the Hippo Pool

Camera operator Lily caught this great shot of an olive baboon greeting the morning in full howl. She says, “I love watching the baboons get ready for the day just as I’m getting ready for bed.” Olive baboons communicate within their group using barks, growls, grunts, screams, and coughs. Adult males make a loud wahoo

pygmy marmoset

Watch this Pygmy Marmoset get a Toothbrush Massage

Pygmy Marmosets are the world’s smallest monkeys. Keep that tiny factoid in mind as you watch Ninita, a deaf and orphaned pygmy marmoset rescued by the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, receive the rubdown of her life with a fine-bristled toothbrush.


Conserve Water – Shower with an Elephant!

It’s always a great idea to save water. The precious resource is limited, and earth’s population continues to grow. Luckily there are so many ways to conserve H20 – from fixing leaky faucets to throwing errant ice cubes into houseplants instead of down the drain. Or, you could take a cue from an elephant and

Getting to Know the Animals of Mpala: Most Common Visitors

This summer we launched our Africa Wildlife Cams in partnership with Mpala Research Centre in Lakipia, Central Kenya. The Cams are located in a section of the Ewaso Ng’iro River teeming with wildlife where more than 20 species have already shown up on the cams. We thought you should meet some of our African stars!

This is What Friends Are For

These Vervet Monkeys are just doing a little weekend cleaning. You vacuum and grocery shop, they nit-pick… literally! Grooming is an important part of hygiene and hierarchy for Vervet Monkeys. It helps remove unwanted bugs and dirt, and the most dominant will receive the most grooming. Amazing Fact: Vervet monkeys have a sophisticated and diverse communication system,

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