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Animal Cams are Better than TV

Explore’s live cams bring real drama when you’ve had enough of scripted theatrics from the idiot box. Buzzfeed just featured five of our very own. Here’s what they said.


Conserve Water – Shower with an Elephant!

It’s always a great idea to save water. The precious resource is limited, and earth’s population continues to grow. Luckily there are so many ways to conserve H20 – from fixing leaky faucets to throwing errant ice cubes into houseplants instead of down the drain. Or, you could take a cue from an elephant and

elephant herd

Baby Elephant Roams Mpala (video)

A herd of elephants was spotted this week on the Mpala Live Cam. The star of the show was a sprightly baby elephant who stayed close to his mother.

lion caught on camera trap

Mpala Lion Caught on Camera Trap (Video)

The animals at Mpala Research Centre are more easily and naturally studied if they don’t sense the team monitoring them – but how is this accomplished? By deploying a camera trap. A camera trap is a device equipped with a motion sensor-activated camera that captures photos of wild animals without the disturbing presence of researchers.

Mpala Live Chat: Zebras Not Always Black & White

Zebra expert Dr. Dan Rubenstein recently joined us for a spirited live chat, answering viewers’ questions and covering topics like the Grevy’s Zebra diet, migratory behavior, mating habits and even their history in the ancient Roman Circus. Knowledge of these animals is growing and always evolving; Dan keeps us on the cutting edge of research