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Meet Zabu & Cameron!

If you have tuned into the Vacation Rotation cam lately, you have probably noticed an odd couple of cats lurking around the enclosure. Meet Zabu, the white tiger, and Cameron, the lion! We know what you are thinking, how is it that a tiger and a lion are coexisting in the same enclosure? Well, before

K9s for Warriors founder Shari Duval

K9s for Warriors founder saves veterans and dogs

In honor of Women’s History Month, explore is celebrating those extraordinary individuals devoted to acting selflessly for the sake of others. Today we feature Shari Duval, founder of K9s for Warriors, a hero saving America’s military heroes.


Dogs lift spirits out of depths of depression

This week we’ve been sharing your stories of battling hardships with the help of you dogs. Today we’re featuring Ginny and her dogs Sarge and Billy. Ginny opens up to us about living with depression.

Dark Blue from Warrior Canine Connection's Gratitude Litter

…and a Happy New Year to our Jingle Woof Winners

We’ve been having the most wonderful time celebrating the holidays and ringing in the new year with our Jingle Woof contest. Viewers are having tons of fun sharing photos of their pets making merry during this special time of year we’d like to spread the joy to you. Here are today’s featured Jingle Woof winners! 


Merry Christmas to the Jingle Woof Winners!

Merry Christmas everyone! We’ve been singing the praises of all our Jingle Woof Contest winners. You’ve got our bellies shaking like bowls full of jelly! Here are today’s featured festive pets.

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