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Letter from a Fan on Labor Day

D​ear Explore.Org, Thank You for your amazing website. Besides entertainment it is an amazing learning tool. I think you should recognize our American Loggers.

Celebrating Labor Day & America

Did you know that Labor Day was first introduce in the New York legislature in 1887, but first became official state law in Oregon the same year? This national holiday has been recognized from sea to shining sea across America for well over a century.

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday Enjoy our tribute to Americana and the Clarksdale High School football team in Mississippi. Whether you’re a 49ers fan, a Ravens fan, or just there for the commercials – happy Super Bowl XLVII! Here is Jack Johnson’s tribute to the sport and the story behind his lyrical memories.

Late afternoon light in Mississippi.

Move Over Monday Just some gorgeous, late afternoon light in Mississippi. Did You Know? Cotton is a major crop in Mississippi. “It ranks third behind poultry and forestry in state commodities… Mississippi producers plant approximately 1.1 million acres of cotton annually” (MSU). “During the late medieval period, cotton became known as an imported fiber in

Charlie and Lucky traveled to Mississippi for the Blessissippi project, feeling the soul of the south, the southern sun and soaking up a culture entrenched in music. Check out more photos from their travels here or hear Charlie take a whack at the blue notes as he breaks it down Mississippi style for his best