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Walk along the Great Wall of China

Move Over Monday Walk along the Great Wall of China and learn about its history with Charlie in this short film. Did You Know?  The Great Wall of China was built and added on to over a period of about 2,000 years!

Spoonbills and crocuses jump the gun on spring

Move Over Monday In the northern hemisphere it’s almost time to say goodbye to winter. So brighten your Monday afternoon with a little greenery… and pink, and yellow, and blue – mothernaturenetwork: Spoonbills and crocuses jump the gun on spring Although the first official day of spring is March 20, several species of flora and

Move Over Monday: Get Deep… Sea

Move Over Monday: Get Deep… Sea The Mystery of the Giant Squid Having only been seen in still photographs, and post-mortum, when they float to the surface (like the one seen above), the giant squid of ancient myth has been caught on live video. With the help of a deep-sea camera that doesn’t scare the


Move Over Monday PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES! You might overload on cuteness. If not yet, get over to the live cams to pass this Monday Monday. We have our newest cam at the Warrior Canines with Misty’s litter just born a couple weeks ago. The great danes are now teenagers at almost four months and you

Late afternoon light in Mississippi.

Move Over Monday Just some gorgeous, late afternoon light in Mississippi. Did You Know? Cotton is a major crop in Mississippi. “It ranks third behind poultry and forestry in state commodities… Mississippi producers plant approximately 1.1 million acres of cotton annually” (MSU). “During the late medieval period, cotton became known as an imported fiber in

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